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Infographic: 5 Benefits of the AI-Driven Customer Effort Score

By Mary Cleary

Customer effort is a mix of customers’ subjective feelings and what they objectively experience during interactions with your business. Measuring and reducing customer effort is a top priority of many CX organizations and with good reason. 

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6 min read

Recap: Getting to Frictionless CX with CCW Digital

By Mary Cleary

Last week, we were excited to contribute to the conversation at CCW Digital’s online conference, Customer Experience Challenges, Trends, and Innovations. In case you missed it, we’ve recapped our session, Getting to Frictionless CX, below. Our session featured Dexter Horthy, VP Customer Success & Solution Engineering at Replicated, Frame AI CEO & Co-Founder George Davis, and Matt Wujciak, Market Research Analyst at Customer Management Practice.

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5 min read

Five Steps to Measure & Reduce Customer Effort with AI

By Mary Cleary

We recently discussed why measuring customer effort is important and how it’s different from surveying customer effort. This post introduces a five-step framework to help you think through how to measure customer effort using organic customer feedback and AI. 

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6 min read

Measuring Customer Effort

By Mary Cleary

We recently discussed why high-impact CX needs high-impact measurement that clearly supports CX goals. This post focuses on measuring customer effort. 

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